Molenroute – In search of decent riding roads in the Netherlands

In my quest to find a decent road to ride in the Netherlands (and by decent I mean one with at least half a dozen corners, without jam packed trafidc and speed cameras in 90% of the extension…) I resorted to the help of the nice guys at Had lots of feedback and a few suggestions of routes to follow, this is a short report of the first one I had the opportunity to try, the Molenroute (Windmill route).

The link for the GPS track can be found here: [url][/url]

And it looks something like this:


So on Thursday I went for what was in fact my first solo ride on the Multistrada, and actually my first solo joy ride since I moved to the Netherlands, the result of the ride? A well spent afternoon, a refreshed mind and even more love for the big Ducati. The bike really is awesome! Wonderful soundtrack, slingshot acceleration and jump over speed bumps comfort!
After playing around with the riding modes I have however decided I have to change the power delivery for the Urban mode, I like the suspension setup for bumpier stretches and the more active traction control and ABS can be handy for more slippery conditions but the laggy throttle response and 100hp is not for me. I prefer having the full 150hp with soft delivery of the Touring mode, this allows more consistent throttle control has there isn’t such a big difference between modes.

Has for the search, I’me pleased to inform it was successful! Not a mind-blowing stretch of tarmac but a nice mix of narrow dike roads and some wider country roads, some nice corners and absolutely beautiful landscape.
The roads themselves had little traffic and generally good surface (with some exceptions) there were a few nice corners but not enough to gain a rhythm, it’s generally one or two 90º corners followed by long straights, but still a lot better than the roads I had ridden up to now. And something must be said for the riding skills of the Dutch, they must be masters at perfecting trajectories because when you’re riding a 2m wide road with water on one side and a 4 meter drop on the other…there is really only one trajectory, the right one!
Now I understand why the insurance lady made a point of telling me that the insurance wouldn’t cover driving the bike into the water…not something the insurance companies worry so specifically in other parts of the world!

This ride did however leave me with one question that I hope someone can awnser:

– What the f**k do they do with all those horses!?! I understand the cows, the mini-sheep and the goats…but whats up with all those horses and poneys? It’s not like everyone rides a horse around here but I’ve seen probably more than 1000 horses on this ride!

Well enough writing, here a a couple of photos and a silly iMovie video that I made while testing a few new mounting points for the Mobius on the MTS.


2 thoughts on “Molenroute – In search of decent riding roads in the Netherlands”

  1. I can see you enjoyd it. Try Limburg for decent roads, beautifull hills and curves and great placets for a pitstop 🙂

    1. Yes, it was quite nice.

      I’ve been to Limburg (check: ) but the thing is it’s a bit further away from Amsterdam, and over there Germany (and better roads) are just around the corner! 😉

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