Back to the West

A few weeks ago, after buying the Duc I shipped the Super Duke back to Portugal. So this past weekend I had a few free days and flew there to pick the bike up at the logistics warehouse and take it home.

Of course I had to take the long way round! One of my favorite scenic routes around Lisbon. “Estrada Marginal” from Lisbon to Cascais, and headed to Cabo da Roca, the most westerly point in Continental Europe, and to Sintra from there on. (Route:here)

From Paço de Arcos to Sintra, the scenic route
From Paço de Arcos to Sintra, the scenic route

If you’re lucky enough to ride this road with little traffic (which can be hard) you are in for a treat. The ocean breeze alone is enough to clear your mind of all worries and stress.

The section after Guincho heading to Cabo da Roca is a litle bit less scenic, which is great because the corners become more interesting and you’ll need to focus on the road. I can’t tell you how much I had missed this kind of roads. It makes me want to not sell the KTM and just leave it there waiting for me to have a free weekend to fly back to Portugal for a blast!

And if you want to have a longer look at Lisbon from the air, here us the full video I made from the airplane. You can see the road I followed from Lisbon, to the left, always along the sea.


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