Zwarte Cross – How did I miss this?!

Proving the theory that the Dutch really do know how to party, I just found out about the most amazing Music/Motocross Festival ever!

It’s called the Zwarte Cross and it takes place in a small town near the German border called Lichtenvoorde. For 3 days in July the biggest music festival in the Netherlands and the biggest motocross festival in the world takes over and it includes everything from motocross racing, 150 bands playing in 24 different stages to a naked run and a road bike race in the motocross track!

It looks absolutely mental and I’m gutted I only found out about this yesterday. 2015 edition I’m waiting for you!

Check out the official website: Zwarte Cross and some videos from this year’s edition:

Heavy weight class parade

Bed themed custom “cars” parade?!

Special class (as if the others weren’t “special” enough!)

Oh, an the actual motocross race!

And a gallery of photos taken from the official site (all credits to the original photographers). You can see the rest HERE


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