Ownership of a Multistrada 1200S: First (minor) complaints

Having only owned the bike for a short period and not having done many kms on it, I do however have a few (minor) complaints that I’m only taking the time to refer because it’s the sort of thing you don’t find on magazine reviews.

1 – The handguards are beautiful, with really bright indicators and do a reasonable job at keeping the wind & cold from your hands, but they are just so fragile! One of the bikes I saw when I was looking to buy had one broken and glued back together and I just found that mine also has a crack near one of the top retaining bolts. It either came like this when I bought it or it happened the other day in the garage when I accidentally gave it a small hit with my arm!

2- The so called extended intervals for the large services (24.000km) that allow you to have reduced maintenance costs, are just a bit of marketing bullshit really. Yes it’s double the service intervals of a Panigale but 24.000km for valve clearances check for a touring bike is not exactly fantastic (my ZZR1400 had 42.000km interval for this) and to top it off you also have to change the timing belts every 24.000km, giving you an estimated bill of around 1.000€ for this service. You say reduced service costs Ducati? Yes..compared to a full on track oriented superbike!

3- And the one that almost got me in trouble this week, the 55mm 12 point socket needed to remove the rear wheel and that no one (other than Ducati Dealerships) seems to have. Well I need to change the tires on my bike and at the last minute the shop that was supposed to fit them for me called me saying they could get the socket. It was a Saturday and I needed the tires fitted at the latest on the next Thursday. Decided to buy the socket myself but no way I could order it online and have it in time!
Luckily I was recommended a great little tool shop in Amsterdam Noord (W.Burger) that had the socket in stock and at 45€ was actually cheaper than buying online.
Still, a nuisance. It’s the first time I have a bike in which I have to bring my own tools to the workshop… If I was in a middle of a trip and needed to change tires it would probably mean serious trouble, again not a smart thing on a “Touring” bike!



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