Norway 2014 – Day 2 – Bremen to Hirtshals

[UPDATED] 08/09/2014 (New photos)

A long day on the road
A long day on the road

And for day two of the trip we had: motorway riding, German traffic jams and… Rain, lots and lots of rain.

Again an uneventful day, just trying to cross the entire length of Denmark to get to the ferry in Hirtshals in time for check-in (19:30). In total we did about 620km

The Multi performed faultlessly but no matter how good the bike, slow motorway riding is always boring.

A fun piece of trivia if you’re planning on taking a ferry from Fjordline, you must secure your bike yourself. Which took me the best part of 30min thanks to a couple of fckd up straps and my general lack of practice with them!


The Multi between a ZZR1400 like the one I used to own and a new LC GS from a nice German lady.


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