Norway 2014 – Day 3 – Stavanger and the Lysefjord

[UPDATED] 10/09/2014 – more photos

And day 3 started guess how? In $#%?¥>% pouring rain!

After being waken at 6am and dashing to the bottom floor of the ferry with all the luggage on our backs (by stairs because the elevator decided it was sunday so it too wouldn’t work) and getting the bike unstrapped there is nothing quite like getting hit in the face with rain, rain and more rain!

After a quick round of downtown Stavanger and realizing everything was still closed (after all, it was 7am on a Sunday…) we decided to try our luck and head for the Hotel in Sola (Himmel & Hav). The staff there was absolutely wonderful and not only did they allow us to check in at 8am! But also gave us a much needed cup of coffee.

Soaking wet and having given up ride to Lysebotn and back we tried the backup plan, a cruise in the Lysefjord. Altough not cheap (nothing is around here…an espresso costs 3,8€) it was worth the 840 NOK and it allowed us to rest a bit while sightseing for 3 hours before returning to the hotel to find the rain had finnally left us!

The sun even dared to show itself and I decided that after spending two days wet under the rain it was time to get wet by my own command and went for a quick dive in the North Sea! The northermost I have ever went in the Ocean so far. And with 12C air temperature probably the coldest too.

Tomorrow we start heading North in the fjords and it seems the weather will be picking up.


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