Norway 2014 – Day 4 – Stavanger to Roldal

[UPDATE] 10/09/2014 – New photos and some text.


First proper day of riding in Norway and the first glimpses of the Fjords. It is beautiful beyond description!

One minute you are at sea level with huge “rivers” of absolutely peaceful salt water, the next you’re on a mountain plateau with a snow and a a river flowing into a waterfall.

The ferries are quite fast (around 30km/h) and stable so you don’t need to secure the bike and the roads are wonderful with very little traffic for the most part.

And have I mentioned the waterfalls? Then even have naked ladies bathing in them! (see photo…)

The Multi has been performing faultlessly and the only problem was a loose screw in the rear mudguard…but this is my fault because I changed from the smaller to the bigger mudguard before the trip and didn’t use thread lock on the screws.


You can also see more photos on Instagram or Twitter (on the side bar of the blog)


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