Norway 2014 – Day 5 – Roldal to Bergen

[UPDATE] 11/09/2014 – New photos

Tunnels, tunnels and more tunnels, that was the main focus of the day. In Norway you have short tunnels, long tunnels, spirao shaped tunnels and even roundabouts inside tunnels! Just take your pick.

There was a lot more then tunnels of course, but the fact I made a mistake and rode a 7,7km tunnel twice, while it was being resurfaced with air filled with dust, did made it memorable.

Second day heading North in the Fjords and the impressions of the previous day are even stronger. It is gorgeous! It’s has if God mixed the West Scotish Higlands with the Alps: huge seaside mountains followed by mountais filled with fresh water streams, lakes and waterfalls.

Again, the photos speak better for it then I can.

As for the Ducati, well after a couple of days of not really feeling comfortable with the bike on the twistier roads, today I can finnally say she is starting to please me!
First it was a matter of misaligned lugagge unbalancing the bike, then low pressure on the front tyre the rest it’s really just me adjusting to riding a trail bike (even if it is a bloody quick and road focused one) fully ladden with luggage and pillion, after a few years on a much lower bike with a very diferent riding position and steering feel.

There are however three things this bike is a lot better than the ZZR1400:
– Comfort
– Holding a line mid-corner trough bumpy and pothole filled road surfaces
– Lifting the front wheel in the air in 3rd gear!

(more photos on Instagram and Twitter)


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