Norway 2014 – Day 6 – Bergen to Laerdal

The inital plan for the 6th day of the trip was to leave Bergen heading west on E16 to Voss, but because I made a mistake on the previous day and actually rode this rode instead of the E7, we opted to leave instead via E7 to Eide, before turning back to Voss on E13.


This option proved to be a brilliant one, as it would have been a shame to ride the E16 a second time instead of the beautiful E7 and miss one of the most amazing lunch stops of the trip: a picnic area by a crystal clear water bay. Beautiful!

After Voss and a section of road works that left us and the bike covered in mud we stopped at the Tvindfossen Waterfalls for some photos and a session of boot washing on a creek.

We then rode to Gudvanger to see the Naerofjord, which at 500m wide and 15 meter deep in places, is the narrowest and shallowest navigable fjord in the world. It is also part of Unesco World Heritage Sites.

At this point because it was already past 17h30 PM the plan was to ride to Flam and try not to get to the mountain pass FV243 too late, but after a very enthusiastic recommendation of the Naerofjord Ferry Cruise by a gentleman at the Gudvanger Souvenir shop we decide to take the 2hour long ferry that would leave us directly in Flam. At 440 NOK it is a lot more expensive then regular ferries (usually 75 or 80NOK for bike+rider+pillion) but it’s more of a scenic cruise not than regular transport, and it was worth it. A nice 2 hours of rest and nice views.

Getting to Flam you have the choice of riding the Laerdal Tunnel, the longest road tunnel in the world. But one thing I can tell you after riding my bikes trough hundreds of kms of tunnels, including Mont Blanc Tunnel is that it is….very boring!! Nothing to see for miles and limited speed all the way. So MRDisorder’s Top Tip, wenever there is a big tunnel there is usually a awesome Mountain Pass that goes over and the bigger the tunnel, the more awesome the Pass.
Laerdal is no exception and the FV243 is one of the most stunning roads I have ever ridden!
You start by winding your way up the side of the mountain with the Naerofjord at your side before stopping at the Stegastein Viewpoint for a breath of fresh air before continuing uphill until you reach the amazing Plateau void of vegetation and filled with massive rocks and small molten snow lakes.

The ride down the other face of the mountain to get to Laerdal is twisty and bumpy. MASSIVE fun on the Multistrada, bringing out the amazing capacities of the OHLINS suspension, firm enough to allow for a committed ride but absorbing every bump allowing the bike to hold a line perfectly and keeping the Pillion’s back in one piece. This road trully made me fall in love with the Multi’s handling.
I have several years of riding Hyperbikes (1100XX, K1200S, ZZR1400) and it took me some time to get used to the more upright position of the “Trail” MT1200S but I can tell you that on this road (actually on this whole trip) there wasn’t absolutely any bike I rather be riding.

Well, I think I’ve written enough, just look at the pictures, they’re a lot less boring than me! 😉


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