Norway 2014 – Day 7 – Laerdal to Stordal


Amazing scenery today!

Riding from Laerdal to Stordal the long way. Heading north to Stryn before turning East to FV15 and some awesome corners that tested the MTS’s ground clearance before turning to the Old Strynfjell Road with it’s amazing sights, bumpy corners and unpaved stretches. This road is made from big trailies! (yes, even if for mine which is basically a Superbike disguise)

The plan was then to catch the ferry across the Geiranger fjord to Helesylth and climb the mountain via FV60 to Stranda before crossing the fjord again and head to Stordal, but a slight guidance problem led me to the more direct route via FV63. I can’t therefore tell you how good the FV63 may be, but I can tell you I don’t think I missed much, considering the awesome views and fun corners on the FV60.

But from all the great things the day had for us, my favourite has got to be the awesome picnic table we secured for our lunch. On a small floating dock to the side of the road and on top of a turquoise colored lake. WIN!

Lunch stop
Lunch stop

And to end the day we had our own cabin at Stordal camping with the Ducati parked right in our porch. Not to bad. 😉


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