Norway 2014 – Day 8 – Stordal to Alesund (and the Trollstigen)


For the 8th day of the trip we planed a relatively short distance, covering from Stordal to Alesund via the famous Troll’s Path (Trollstigen) Trollstigen road being at the top.

We arrived to the Trollstigen from the South so were actually on the top of the mountain looking down at the famous switchbacks because I usually prefer uphill corners than downhill there was only one solution, to go down, then up and then back down to continue our route. I had to explain my pillion I wasn’t going up and down that hairpin filled road for my own pleasure, it was for scientific purposes and only to be able to write to you about it after!

Like many other “Bucket List” roads this one was relatively crowded and the buses and caravans specifically made it hard to get a rhythm going and I actually ended up having the most fun on my first downhill run. Now…I am going to confess that I’m not that much of a fan of this road…or Stelvio…
Yes hairpin corners can be good fun, but the problem with famous roads is they are always more crowded than others nearby and the 180º turns are just to tight and narrow to actually get any rhythm going on anything other than a Supermoto.
The fact is (like in Stelvio) I had a lot more fun on the roads that led to Trollstigen, were you can find sections of roads with hairpins alternating with larger radius corners and wider roads with less traffic and better visibility allowing you to ride harder without the iminent danger of a head on collision with a bus stuck in the middle of corner doing a 3 point turn.

Do I recommend heading to Trollstigen? Definitely! Just not for the 11 hairpins, but for the amazing views and the great roads on the way there! (especially if you are coming from the south)

Our hotel for the night was a very nice B&B (Glede po Reis) owned by a very nice British couple who gave us the suggestion of heading to a nearby sandy beach.

And what great suggestion it was! You access the beach by a dirt road next to a farm and end up directly on the sand.
Spent a while taking some photos and relaxing on the beach but I could resist the temptation to try the Multi on sand!

Now, the Multi is not a bike that crashes well, too much fiddly and pretty plastic bits. And I don’t even have any crash guards yet, so the prospect of dropping my brand new bike 3000km from home was not something I took lightly but the opportunity was just to good to resist!

So after removing the side cases I went for a first experimental run on the hard packed sand, followed by a second slightly more adventurous runs on looser sand before stopping for some photos.

Caution was obviously my main concern but still I there was some fun to be had! And I was really surprised with the amount of traction the PR4s had on the more hard packed sand and how easy and agile the big Ducati was. Just wish I had a beach like this near home to try it again after installing some crash protection!


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