Norway 2014 – Day 9 – Alesund to Kristiansund

[UPDATE: 03/10/14] Finally updated with some more photos and text.

Sorry for the lack of updates but being on the road doesn’t leave much time for blogging. I’ve been uploading some photos to Instagram whenever I can and I promise when I get back home I’ll write a bunch of (relatively) well organised posts.

For now here are some photos of today’s ride trough the famous Atlantic Road and the view from the most beautiful place I have ever stayed in: Sveggvika Hotel in Averoy. An old cod fish factory turned into hotel and managed by a lovely Dutch lady.
The view from the restaurant deck is absolutely breathtaking and can’t wait to get home to see the photos I took with the LX7 on the computer screen.

Tomorrow we have a loooong ride south to Oslo before heading to Sweden. Today was a short day basically going North on the Atlantic Road (which I found only has those distinctive bridges between islands very near to the end. The rest of the road is nice but without anything really distinctive until you get to the last few kms).



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