[Hipster Mode ON] New Ducati Scrambler

Following the growing hype for the retro styled new bikes, that started with the Triumph Bonneville, Kawasaki W800 and the more recent and over infatuated BMW RnineT. Ducati also had to give it a go and just released the details on their new Scrambler for 2015.

Considering the original Scrambler looked like this:

70s 250cc Scrambler
70s 250cc Scrambler

And the new one looks like this:

I think they did a great job in capturing the looks of the old bike while making it look funky and modern.
And this isn’t even the best looking version. Take a look at the various versions announced (I particularly like the military green one):

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It has a detuned 796 engine wich actually displaces 803cc and makes a very reasonable 75hp for a dry weight of around 170kg.

At his point I was ready to say: “Very nice bike…but it’s just not my thing. I was born in the 80s, have no nostalgia for old bikes from the 60s/70s and I’m not a hipster either so…”

But then I watched the promotional video, and it just reminded me of the fun I had with Multistrada on the beach. Now my inner Hipster has been awaken and I would love a go on a Scrambler, in a beach/fire road/forest! As long as it has fully comprehensive insurance…

The Land of Joy from Scrambler Ducati on Vimeo.



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