New Multistrada to be launched: Spy Photos!

A few days ago spy photos of the new Multistrada were released and with them all the usual speculation about what will be different.

The motor is a pretty obvious change with Ducati almost certainly using the recently announced Testastretta DVT engine with 10hp extra and Variable Valve Technology allowing for better torque.

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As for the rest of the changes it seems the front will be redesigned, as will the side panels exhaust and probably the rear subframe.

What no one seems to have commented but caught my eye was the apparently slightly different routing of the front cylinder exhaust header allowing for better ground clearance. I’m also very curious to see if it will come with a improved version of the color dash used on the Monster 1200 and the new Bosch stability control and ABS used on the KTM 1290 Adventure.

Improved side cases would also be a very good addition, has the Givi made ones on the current model are not the sturdiest (or most practical).

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