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Hello from Portugal!

After a quick flight back to Portugal I’ve been enjoying some time back on the KTM and the only day of sunshine on the past few weeks.

P1100627 (Large)

P1100611 (Large)

Beautiful scenery just outside Lisbon and non flat land! Sometimes it’s nice to be above sea level.

Looking for an alternative offroader from Ducati?

Following last Sunday’s post with Multistradas going offroad – what if you want a Ducati to take offroad but the Multi isn’t really your thing?

Well, there are a couple of alternatives:

The Panigale Terra Corsa by MotoCorsa – the coolest looking superbike since Dave Mackay’s KTM RC8

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The 999 Beach Racer built by a New Zealand Ducati Dealer from a 2003 999:

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The Terra Mostro by Overland Motorcycles based on a Ducati Monster with XR650 front suspension, shortened swing-arm and a few extra mods.

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or the Dutch versions:

By Affeto Ducati

or home made

The HyperIce by Ducati Indianapolis

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Just your average ride on a Hypermotard SP!

Or on bog standard Panigale: Coast to Coast with an Italian Super Model

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Multistradas Offroad

[Updated on 17-11-2014] with some extra photos

Bored on this rainy Sunday? I am!

Want something to spend your time? Here is a selection of wonderfully inappropriate looking Multistradas taking to the dirt.

Adventure Bike TV

One of the great things of the internet is that niche content that would never make it to mainstream TV becomes available in small online channels.

This is one of those shows: A very entertaining 45min about Adventure Motorcycling.

On mainstream TV all you get is half a dozen shows about cars (some good some not so much) and BikeTV on MotorsTV, otherwise if you want your fix of motorcycle related media the Internet is your source.

The guys at Geek Media are on on their 6th episode with the great Ed March featuring as a guest and it’s well worth a look. I’m going back to watch all the precious episodes and am looking forward for some more!

Adventure Bike TV, Episode 6 from Geek Media Ltd on Vimeo.

Check out the Geek Media Channel and the Adventure Bike TV Site

2015 – The best year for new bikes in a decade!

    I don’t remember the last time we had such fantastic new bikes being launched in one single year – 2015 is going to be great!

    Which bikes are you looking forward to see on the street the most?

    This are the ones that I really want to have the opportunity to try.

    The new Multistrada, 1299 Panigale and Scrambler, of course:

    The new R1, impressive: especially in the R1M form with the same Ohlins electronic suspension as the new 1299 Panigale S

    The Kawasaki H2, although the specs for this version (unlike the track only H2R that delivers close to 300hp) were a disappointment! All that hype, all that tech, the supercharger and the specs indicate 200Hp (210Hp with Ram-air) basically the same as the naturally aspirated 1299 Panigale (205Hp) and when you put it on a dyno, the rear wheel number will probably be litle above a BMW S1000RR. (Mind due if you can easily increase the boost on the H2 it can still become interesting)

    The BMW S1000XR: Not convinced on the looks but it’s more than certainly going to be fantastic fun ride:

    The new 1200cc Aprilia RSV4 shhould also be interesting with the blinged up electronic pack with GPS assisted traction control allowing for different set-ups in different corners of the track should also be interesting. As should the new MotoGP replica Honda RC213V-S but it’s just a prototype at the moment and the same goes for the True Adventure Concept. (What do you call a Africa Twin with just one cylinder? Africa win?)

    The KTM 1050 Adventure and the new touring/trail Yamaha MT09 are probably nice bikes to but not the kind of thing that rock my boat!

    Here is a gallery of some of this new bikes for 2015

2015 Ducati Multistrada – Good got a whole lot better!

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I commented about the new Multistrada for 2015 and how it would be great if it came with an improved TFT dash, cornering ABS, better panniers and improved ground clearance? (see:Here)

Well Ducati just announced the new bike and revealed the changes:

– Much improved color TFT dash with bluetooth conectivity with smartphone App.
– Cornering ABS and Anti Wheelie
– Cornering adjusting lights
– Iluminated Switch gear
– Better panniers
– 20mm higher ground clearance

I should have put money on my hunch!!

Check the launch video:

[UPDATE]04/11/2014 – Photos!

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