2015 – The best year for new bikes in a decade!

    I don’t remember the last time we had such fantastic new bikes being launched in one single year – 2015 is going to be great!

    Which bikes are you looking forward to see on the street the most?

    This are the ones that I really want to have the opportunity to try.

    The new Multistrada, 1299 Panigale and Scrambler, of course:

    The new R1, impressive: especially in the R1M form with the same Ohlins electronic suspension as the new 1299 Panigale S

    The Kawasaki H2, although the specs for this version (unlike the track only H2R that delivers close to 300hp) were a disappointment! All that hype, all that tech, the supercharger and the specs indicate 200Hp (210Hp with Ram-air) basically the same as the naturally aspirated 1299 Panigale (205Hp) and when you put it on a dyno, the rear wheel number will probably be litle above a BMW S1000RR. (Mind due if you can easily increase the boost on the H2 it can still become interesting)

    The BMW S1000XR: Not convinced on the looks but it’s more than certainly going to be fantastic fun ride:

    The new 1200cc Aprilia RSV4 shhould also be interesting with the blinged up electronic pack with GPS assisted traction control allowing for different set-ups in different corners of the track should also be interesting. As should the new MotoGP replica Honda RC213V-S but it’s just a prototype at the moment and the same goes for the True Adventure Concept. (What do you call a Africa Twin with just one cylinder? Africa win?)

    The KTM 1050 Adventure and the new touring/trail Yamaha MT09 are probably nice bikes to but not the kind of thing that rock my boat!

    Here is a gallery of some of this new bikes for 2015


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