Catch up on some reading: The Rider’s Digest

Slow Monday? Looking for your fix of motorbike related writings, articles and great photography?

You can have a look at older posts from my blogs (this one and ZZR1400 Touring) or… you can read a whole bunch of properly put together magazines.

Just head over to The Rider’s Digest the entire digital collection of magazines from 2012 to 2014 as been made available for free in anticipation of the release of the December edition under the supervision of Stuart from This Biker’s Life.

Just click the Shop section add all the free mags to your shopping cart and checkout. You’ll receive the download link on your email seconds after.

Get yourself a cup of espresso, a comfy chair and enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Catch up on some reading: The Rider’s Digest”

  1. Thanks for the publicity mate – it all counts! The new issue is coming along slowly but steadily. Countdown in progress…

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