New Year Ride 2011/2012

Keeping with the End of the Year theme, here is a reblog of my traditional dash to the South of Portugal, this one from 2011.

ZZR 1400 Touring

Ok, I know I’m a bit late, but hadn’t had the time to post this here before.

At the end of 2011 I grabbed the ZZR and decided to enjoy the fantastic winter weather we’ve been having (no rain and lots of sunshine) and headed South to Portimão.

I followed approximately the same route going south on the 31st December and back North on the 2nd December, mostly Nacionais (the equivalent to B-Roads in the UK I think) with an infinite number of corners. The surface is not always perfect but I just love riding in those slower twisting roads even if the grip (and comfort) is not always the best.

Packing light, just me and the leathers, Muni, my Kriega R25 Backpack and the Baglux/Bagster Rider tankbag.

Not much to tell about the actual New Year’s Eve, not my favourite celebration, don’t really think it makes much sense, it’s…

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[REBLOG] Southbound, The Slow Way – Trip Report

Come this time of the year it’s become a bit of a tradition to ride South for the New Year celebrations. This usually means 350km of fun riding and sunshine.

This year things are a bit different and the bike unfortunately was replaced by the bus. Here is a Reblog of the 2012 Southbound trip on the LML (originally posted on my other blog)

ZZR 1400 Touring

Following my previous posts, I’ll leave you with the trip report:


Given the LML top speed of around 90km/h I was expecting the trip from Torres Vedras to Portimão to take about 7h, averaging 50km/h, I didn’t want to have to drive for long after sunset because of the weak headlights so I had to leave around 10am.
Having left the bike ready on the night before (with the Givi T431 saddlebags fitted and loaded, it was just a matter of loading an extra pair of shoes and a sweater on the rear rack, put on my Kriega R25 rucksack and set off.
The first stop was at a service station in Seixal for a cup of expresso and quick check if everything on the bike was ok.

Before this trip, the longest I had gone on the little LML was 50km so I wasn’t quite sure how the engine…

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Lacking some mechanical karma

It’s been a while between updates around here, sorry about that.
Between the hollidays, moving to a new apartment, flying back and forth to Portugal and the Dutch winter there hasn’t been a lot of interesting motorcycle related activity.

To make things more interesting the my mechanical Karma is aparently not at an all time high: the Super Duke needs a new water pump seal, the Multistrada decided to pop the fork seals and spill suspension oil all over the brakes and tyres.
I’ve been therefore relegated to a few rainy commutes on the LML, but even that one isn’t making things easy for me – the electric starter isn’t working so it’s kick-it-to-life-time whenever I have to start it.

On the bright side the LML does have the possibility of kickstarting, the Super Duke is not really being used so it’s sitting waiting to be fixed before delivering it to whoever shows up to buy it and hopefully I will get the Multi fixed in the beginning of the year.

I’m curious tough (and shall be doing a bit more internet research) on how usual it is for the Ohlins on the Multi to f#%# up the seals at only 11800km! I’ve had bikes needing fork seals but never so soon, and considering the labour costs in the Neterlands I don’t predict this to be a cheap affair.
What is the point of Ducati announcing the bike to have “extend service intervals” of 12.000km for minor service and 24.000km for main service if the bloody forks don’t last between minor services!
A happy camper I am not.

As per usual and to try and not bore my loyal subscribers (and ocasionall readers) to death, here are some photos of the Multi being used as a moving van before I got fed up with carrying our stuff in a tank bag, backpack, two travel cases and 2 panniers at a time and rented a Toyota Hiace for 24h.

As a bonus, have a panoramic photo of the wonderful weather in the south of Portugal now!

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The Northward Route – Photos and Trailer (The Rider’s Digest)

The newest edition of The Rider’s Digest has been released and in it the article I wrote: “The Northward Route”. If you’re looking for some more media content on that trip you’ve come to the right place!

If you haven’t read the magazine, then go and get it (free) at The Rider’s Digest: HERE

Here is the trailer for the upcoming video and a gallery of some of the photos that didn’t made it to final cut on the magazine.

Hope you like it, feel free to comment and subscribe.