Lacking some mechanical karma

It’s been a while between updates around here, sorry about that.
Between the hollidays, moving to a new apartment, flying back and forth to Portugal and the Dutch winter there hasn’t been a lot of interesting motorcycle related activity.

To make things more interesting the my mechanical Karma is aparently not at an all time high: the Super Duke needs a new water pump seal, the Multistrada decided to pop the fork seals and spill suspension oil all over the brakes and tyres.
I’ve been therefore relegated to a few rainy commutes on the LML, but even that one isn’t making things easy for me – the electric starter isn’t working so it’s kick-it-to-life-time whenever I have to start it.

On the bright side the LML does have the possibility of kickstarting, the Super Duke is not really being used so it’s sitting waiting to be fixed before delivering it to whoever shows up to buy it and hopefully I will get the Multi fixed in the beginning of the year.

I’m curious tough (and shall be doing a bit more internet research) on how usual it is for the Ohlins on the Multi to f#%# up the seals at only 11800km! I’ve had bikes needing fork seals but never so soon, and considering the labour costs in the Neterlands I don’t predict this to be a cheap affair.
What is the point of Ducati announcing the bike to have “extend service intervals” of 12.000km for minor service and 24.000km for main service if the bloody forks don’t last between minor services!
A happy camper I am not.

As per usual and to try and not bore my loyal subscribers (and ocasionall readers) to death, here are some photos of the Multi being used as a moving van before I got fed up with carrying our stuff in a tank bag, backpack, two travel cases and 2 panniers at a time and rented a Toyota Hiace for 24h.

As a bonus, have a panoramic photo of the wonderful weather in the south of Portugal now!

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2 thoughts on “Lacking some mechanical karma”

  1. My mate Mark (from the Honda Collection article in TRD) reckoned the Ohlins on his late lamented Aprilia RSV Factory would leak if it was parked on its sidestand for any length of time. Something to do with the static load not being distributed evenly, which is weird.

    Can’t see that being the reason with yours though as you’ve used it so much. Is a warranty claim on the cards?

    1. The Ohlins on race replicas are known to be a bit sensitive to road use, on a “all road” kind of bike like mine I would expect them to be a bit more robust… I’ve sent the Ducati dealer an email to schedule repair but I’m not very hopeful on warranty, the bike is almost 4
      years old by now… We’ll see.
      I shall be posting any developments.

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