[REBLOG] Southbound, The Slow Way – Trip Report

Come this time of the year it’s become a bit of a tradition to ride South for the New Year celebrations. This usually means 350km of fun riding and sunshine.

This year things are a bit different and the bike unfortunately was replaced by the bus. Here is a Reblog of the 2012 Southbound trip on the LML (originally posted on my other blog)

ZZR 1400 Touring

Following my previous posts, I’ll leave you with the trip report:


Given the LML top speed of around 90km/h I was expecting the trip from Torres Vedras to Portimão to take about 7h, averaging 50km/h, I didn’t want to have to drive for long after sunset because of the weak headlights so I had to leave around 10am.
Having left the bike ready on the night before (with the Givi T431 saddlebags fitted and loaded, it was just a matter of loading an extra pair of shoes and a sweater on the rear rack, put on my Kriega R25 rucksack and set off.
The first stop was at a service station in Seixal for a cup of expresso and quick check if everything on the bike was ok.

Before this trip, the longest I had gone on the little LML was 50km so I wasn’t quite sure how the engine…

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