New Year Ride 2011/2012

Keeping with the End of the Year theme, here is a reblog of my traditional dash to the South of Portugal, this one from 2011.

ZZR 1400 Touring

Ok, I know I’m a bit late, but hadn’t had the time to post this here before.

At the end of 2011 I grabbed the ZZR and decided to enjoy the fantastic winter weather we’ve been having (no rain and lots of sunshine) and headed South to Portimão.

I followed approximately the same route going south on the 31st December and back North on the 2nd December, mostly Nacionais (the equivalent to B-Roads in the UK I think) with an infinite number of corners. The surface is not always perfect but I just love riding in those slower twisting roads even if the grip (and comfort) is not always the best.

Packing light, just me and the leathers, Muni, my Kriega R25 Backpack and the Baglux/Bagster Rider tankbag.

Not much to tell about the actual New Year’s Eve, not my favourite celebration, don’t really think it makes much sense, it’s…

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