#ThrowbackThursday – 2007 Trip to Picos da Europa

Being in Portugal with some awesome winter weather (15 to 18ºC, sunshine) and no bike is messing with my biking neurons, so here is the first #ThrowbackThursday of this blog!

The 2007 trip to Picos da Europa. My first ever long motorcycle trip on my second bike: a 1997 Honda CBR1100XX that I had just bought with 55.000km. Chatting with a friend about an inaugural ride for the bike he suggested Picos da Europa and I said yes!
We only had 3 days available so we rode for 900 km on the first day, 300 on the second and another 900 km on the final day to return home.

An absolutely fantastic trip, the Picos da Europa mountain range is still one of my absolute favourite destinations (I have actually been back a couple of years ago on the ZZR). It was also a test of endurance, on the final day of the trip we left the hotel at 9AM and only arrived home at 7AM the next day! 22h from door to door, because we made some diversions and stopped several times to enjoy the scenery.

The luggage setup was second hand Givi Maxia Top case I got for 50€ (including all the brackets) and a cheap set of panniers from MotoDetail (Louis.de).

Here are some photos of that trip and a video that I made at the time with a very rudimentary setup. No HD video here, just a MiniDv JVC camera on a home made wodden bracket, a crappy (even by 2007 standards) 1,3Mp video camera on a bracket near the rear wheel and a Fujifilm S5600 for the still photos.
The video editing was done at the time using Windows Movie Maker and had some bits cut out before uploading to Youtube this week.

Hope you enjoy, maybe I’ll do some more #ThrowbackThursdays.


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