Zongshen RX300 – Entry level adventurer.

This may seem like a bit of a left field post for my blog, talking about a cheap chinese built Adventure bike, when I ride an expensive Italian one but the fact is I love all bikes and this one really caught my attention.

It was launched a couple of months ago by Zongshen and has become available in the US trough California Scooter Company as the CSC 250cc Cyclone RX-3, Eastern Europe as the M1nsk TRX300i and UK as the Honley RX3 Venturer.

They are all the same bike with different badges and prices adjusted to the markets. And that same bike is a cheap (around 3200£ in the UK) basic entry level adventure bike that fills a gap in the market. A bike with luggage, adventure styling and comfort at an entry level price for new bikers that want to go further than just the cafe next door or someone who wants a cheap second bike to have some fun and go camping in the weekend.

It’s obviously not high-tech and the marketing claims are close to hilarious:
– “Honorable European Styling”
– “Streamlined and Humanized Windshield”
– “Italian Leather Seat Cushion”

But the fact is that for that price if half the claims are close to reality it could be a brilliant little bike!

It’s got a decent (for a 4 stroke 250cc) 25Hp output, crash-bars, spoke wheels, luggage and apparently decent off-road capabilities. At 170kg, it may be a bit on the heavy side for a such a small displacement bike but that is the price to pay for the low tech frame and materials used to keep the costs down.

I have to say I love the styling and am dying to have a go on one. It is either a brilliant unpretentious practical little bike with go anywhere ability…or a poorly built piece of crap that only looks good on pictures and I honestly hope it’s the former!

Check out the full specs from the Zongshen website:
Zongshen RX3 Specs

Have a look at the M1nsk and Honley versions.

Or check out some of the promotional videos:

Have I mentioned I REALLY want to have a test-ride on one of these? (Crossing my fingers that for some reason this will be at the Utrech Motorcycle Show in February)

And, as usual, have a gallery! (All photos by Zongshen, Honely, M1nsk and CSC)


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