So what have I been doing? Update on the past two months

As you probably noticed updates have been scarce in the past two months.
There are a couple of reasons for that: first I was without internet at home for nearly two months and I also haven’t been doing a lot of riding.

In fact I haven’t ridden my bikes at all for the last month. With the roads covered in salt this year (last year it didn’t snow) I am feeling a bit sorry for the Ducati so she has mostly been kept parked. I also took the opportunity to hand in my Portuguese Driver’s license to get a Dutch one and so was without license for a few weeks. I am however happy to inform that I now have a license again and will be riding to the Utrecht Motorshow this weekend! (more on that later)

Oh, and I’m also not sure if I’ve mentioned it somewhere but the F$#*#$ng Ohlins suspension on the Multi had a complete failure of the oil seals resulting in a front wheel covered in oil, the bike stopped for a few days and a hefty bill to fit new oil seals. More on this on a dedicated post, soon.

In the meantime I have however kept myself occupied on two wheels. If you guys follow me on Twitter or Instagram you’ve probably already seen it, if not here is what I’ve been riding daily to work, my new commuter:

My new commuter
My new commuter

Yes, it has no engine but it is fast, light and agile! My Orbita needed new wheels so instead I just bought an entire bike. It’s a Giant Speeder from some time in the 80s-90s (I guess) with a set of Bontrager Racing wheels which are the main reason I bought it. Mind you, it wasn’t in perfect conditions.
Someone had decided a silver spray paint on some parts of the blue frame would work, the tyres were all cracked and old (had two flats while waiting for the new tyres to arrive) the head bearings were completely worn and the bottom bracket was loose.
It also needed a set of fenders to make it usable as an everyday commuter in rainy Amsterdam, so I got to work!


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