Back to the Ardennes

A long weekend is always the perfect pretext for a bike ride. With Brussels at half a fuel tank’s distance we headed west to visit some friends.

A very lazy start of the day and an emergency replacement of the battery on the Multistrada meant that we only got to Brussels late in the afternoon after going across the Dutch countryside to see the Tulip fields (not many left anymore this time of the year).

Sunday was spent with friends, and with the rain making a consistent apearence we traded the bike fro the comfort of a car ride and went to see the city.

With the sun back in full force on Monday and our friends at work we hoped on the Ducati again and headed south to the Ardennes where I had been a few weeks ago (I went to Luxembourg! (and Belgium)).


Heading straight on the motorway to Namur for a cup of coffee in the Citadelle before moving to the twistier (and bumpy) country roads of Belgium. We got to the beautiful city of Dinant just in time for lunch.
For the afternoon we decided to turn of the GPS and just go old style trying to stick to a semi plane route on the map that took us across the border to France before doubling back to Dinant and then getting back on the motorway to get to Brussels just in time for a delicious home cooked meal!
Perfect weather all day long (22ºC, sunshine), great roads (for a bike like the Multistrada, not bothered by potholes and ruts) and beautiful scenery.
Belgium as been a total surprise for me and being so close by it’s a refreshing place to ride and feed my soul’s need for mountains and twisty roads.

On the return trip we planed to go see the Delta Works in Zeeland (Nethelands) but a storm warning made us change the plan and we headed straight to Amsterdam. Fairly short (and boring) ride on the motorway with warm weather (23ºC) but as soon as we got home, it changed completely and the sunshine was replaced by strong gusts of wind and pouring rain. Good call coming straight home!

As usual, I leave you guys with some photos. Feel free to comment and subscribe, and if you can, make sure to drop by the Ardénnes for a ride. It’s worth it!


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