Ducati and the Customer Care Experience… a tale of yet another fail.

Running the risk of sounding like I whinny bitch, but I just have to vent this!

I just came back from the Throttle Recall for my Multistrada 1200S at my local Dealership (Amsterdam). As far as the recall is concerned everything went smoothly, it’s the rest of the experience that once again left me thinking why do I even bother with going there!

About a week ago the steering lock on my bike stopped working, not really sure why, but I had already scheduled the recall so I figured I could ask them to have a look.

I get there today and I ask:

– I’m here for the scheduled recall and would you mind also checking the steering lock as it stopped working and also could you reset the service warning as the last time I was here it was before the 12.000km and you said you couldn’t do it then.
– Sure no problem!

About 20min after

– So the bike is ready, we used the diagnostics tool to clear the service warning however for the steering lock we need to do a software reset and update but we don’t have the time now, please schedule it for another day.
– Alright, seems reasonable I’ll do that!

I schedule the software update and am about to leave when the guy says:
– It will be 15,95€ for the use of the diagnostics machine.
– Humm…ok but I am going to have to come back in a few days to do the software update because you couldn’t do it now.
– Yes..
– And you are going to connect my bike to the diagnostics tool again because you didn’t do it all now right?
– Yes…
– Well if that is the case why did you connect it to the machine today if you were not going to do anything else but reset the service indicator?
– Well, in hindsight you are right.
– But I still have to pay for the 15,95€ today and again the next time?
– Yes.
– Ok…. (Point -1 for service quality, at this point any decent human being would have said, you are right our mistake please let us know the next time and will just deduct this charge)
– But look, the recall was free!
– Humm..you mean the service I only needed because Ducati F***ed up in the first place?!
– Err….yes, but it’s nice they are doing this!
– I “kinda” preferred if they got things right the first time around…In case you don’t remember just a couple of months ago I payed you 400€ to replace a set of fork seals that failed catastrophically!
– Ah, but that is maintenance!
– Complete failure of fork seals at 11.000km on a bike with 12.000km service intervals?!
– Yes, but you bought the bike 2nd hand you never know what the previous owner did…
– It had 5.000km when I bought it. And anyway does that explain why there are so many people with the same problem?!
– Oh, you have the Ohlins suspension? Yeah….

And that was that!

Honestly I may be overreacting, but after being charged for a courtesy bike (for 3h) on a 400€ fork seal replacement that was deemed has a regular happening. (Apparently – an this was said by the dealer – even stuff like dead mosquitoes can damage Ohlins suspension seals! So you are just expected to pay for the privilege of wearing those golden fork legs) I’ no longer have the patience for this lack of consideration for the client.

All it would take was a friendly gesture saying: Hey you’re right, never mind that. I would have left a happy customer and most likely would have spent my money there anyway on something else. Instead I’m here whining like a little girl, complaining about Ducati reliability and customer service and planning on finding a new dealership to service my bike in the future!

And you know what the biggest problem is: I F****ing love my bike!!!

Honestly on the way home I was thinking, I’m selling this, I’ve had it with Ducati! But then there isn’t anything else out there I would rather ride! In good old dutch: Godverdomme!


2 thoughts on “Ducati and the Customer Care Experience… a tale of yet another fail.”

  1. Hi I am from the Netherlands and live in Haarlem. I reckon you go to Motortoer? I go to Motorcity next door (I have an Aprilia btw). I don’t know if they do Ducati, but I can recommend a fellow named Ian at Motorcity. Proper old-school mechanic.

    About the forks. Call Rooske Suspension in Tynaarlo. He’s an authorized suspension specialist. It’s a 250KM ride but he won’t ask 400 euro for a pair of fork seals that are known to go bust on Showlins forks. He can also fettle your forks way better than your stealers. And if you like to explore the Netherlands – Drenthe is nice and empty.

    1. Hi Arne, thanks for the tips! I have not been to Drenthe a lot, I’ve been in that general area (Giethoorn) but not much. Maybe I’ll get back there soon. 😉

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