Multistrada Steering Lock Problem – Fixed!

A month or so ago the steering lock on my 2011 Multistrada decided to stop working. After some online research I found quite some info about a recall for the 2010 bikes and tales of malfunctioning steering lock mechanisms leaving people stranded by the side of the road unable to unlock their own bike!

I did however find very little information about the kind of problem my 2011 bike was having and that i believed had nothing to do with the steering lock mechanism itself but the sensors that detect the steering is turned and allow the lock to be applied.

Basically, 9 out of 10 times, after turning off the bike it wouldn’t detect the steering was turned all the way to the side and wouldn’t display the message on the screen saying: “Waiting for steering lock” allowing me then to press the red button again to enable the lock.

If you’re reading this because you have the same problem I may have good news for you! If your bike has same problem mine had: faulty limit sensors, there is a fairly simple fix.

The bikes from 2012 on (the ones with the Dual Spark engine) have a slightly different display (check my post here) and use no longer use the limit sensors (or have a different way of using them…) to authorize the steering lock so you can update your bikes steering lock software module to the latest version and the bike will ignore the faulty sensors and work again!

I payed 50€ at the Ducati Dealer for the software update and it’s now back to fully functional state.

You do however have one small drawback, the steering lock procedure changes.

Before the Update:
– Turn off bike with red button
– Turn steering all the way to one side
– Press red button again and the steering locks

After the Update
– Turn off bike with red button
– Turn steering all the way to one side
– Press AND HOLD red button, the message “Red Button Not Released” message shows up on the display and after a couple of seconds the steering locks.
– Release the red button

If you don’t turn the steering completely to one side the lock is no deployed anyway, so there is still no risk of jamming the mechanism.

The reason behind the message “Red Button Not Released” is, I’m told, because the software update when applied to bikes previous to 2012 does not include a new GUI (Graphical User Interface) so you get the error message standard with the 2010/2011 bikes when the red button is being held.

Compared to the prospect of having to pay for new limit switches and/or a whole steering mechanism I was pretty happy with this quick and “cheapish” solution.


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