Road Racing in the Netherlands: Pinkster Races – Oss


Back in the end of May I went to Oss in North Brabant (a province in the southwest of the Netherlands) for the fabulous 3h Oss Endurance Race.

The event is road racing based, taking part on public roads around an industrial estate. Previous to the 3h classic bike endurance race there are other classic bike races for the Dutch and Belgium championship, sidecar races, a stage of the International Road Racing Championship with modern machinery and even a stage of the KTM RC cup.
You can get all more info on the official website: WegRaceOss.

This was the poster for this year’s event:

Poster Oss 2015

You might be wondering why am I only now publishing this. I initially learned about this race when I talked to Kees Van der Star on doing a feature on his Thunderstar 1200 Diesel bike (See The Rider’s Digest #189). In a last minute tngh I decided to go there and cover the event for a pictorial on the magazine. However with the upcoming feature on the Belgium Classic TT on edition #190 (wait for it, it’s worth it!)editorial decisions dictated there wasn’t enough space and I ended up with a bunch of photos I just needed to share.

If you are in the Netherlands or anywhere close I definitely recommend stopping by Oss for the races. It combines modern, classic and endurance racing all in one road racing event. There is sure to be a bike to make you drool over, be it the latest of the RRRRs,a classic 2stroke 50cc or almost anything in between.

Has usual here is a gallery. Sorry about the less than perfect panning shots, the Lumix Lx7 is great for many things: trackside photography is not one of them (mind you most of the problem is still my lack of talent).

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