New gear day! – Alpinestar Supertech R Boots

I confess I have a softspot for Alpinestar racing kit. I’m not a big fan of their road oriented product line. think Dainese and RevIt make much better looking and functional gear, but you can’t beat the “factory look” of Alpinestar leathers, boots and gloves.

The problem is it’s all way above my budget, so for the most part I’m left lusting for bling kit while keeping my eyes open for a bargain.

A good way of buying high quality gear at a fraction of the cost is to wait for the prices to drop on the high end products of one or two years ago. You’ll be limited in choice for sizes and colours possibly will miss out on one or two more modern design details but for the most part will get the same level of protection.

This is how I got my Dainese Leathers for 350€ instead of 900€, my Alpinestar GP Pro gloves for 90€ instead of 200€ and now finally the boots I’ve wanting for quite a while, the superb Alpinestar Supertech R!

As it happens a store here in the Netherlands had ONE pair of white Supertech R at a heavily discounted price (probably 2013 or 14 model, not sure) and luck would have it they were a size 43, perfect for me!

This is how I ended up the proud owner of the best protection for my feet money can buy for (expensive, but reasonable) 269€ instead of 400€!

The plan is to use them on a few track outings I plan to do next spring/summer, but more on that in a later post. There should be some exciting news coming soon!

For now I am super happy with how comfortable they feel right out of the box and hopefully will give you more feedback soon.

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