Pointless yet Awesome – the new Multistrada Offroad

Ducati just announced their new models for 2016 and somewhere in the middle is the most pointless yet awesome bike in their range:

An offroad version of the Multistrada, if such a thing can exist.

Don’t think anyone in their right mind would choose an expensive Multistrada as their go to Enduro bike. The extra weight, bigger weels and longer travel suspension is only going to make it a  worse road bike, but he fact that Ducati still made it is awesome and I for one will be looking forward to seeing some videos of people using them offroad (as long as it’s not my bike…)


Offroadpeople 2015: The Dyatlov Pass

To balance the latest string of road/racing oriented posts, here is today’s video entertainment suggestion:

Offroadpeople 2015: The Dyatlov Pass

An interesting mix of bikes that seem to range from BMW G450X with Bajafairings, to KTMs 640 & 690s with 990 fairings, Honda XRs, etc. Hard to tell really with all that mud!

A bunch of Russian dudes – at times wearing only underwear – with dubious cooking skills and a very obvious interest for beautiful women. The first few minutes are a bit boring, but as the riding get’s rougher the video becomes more entertaining. Definitely worth 19min of my time!

Welcome to the family

It’s a well know fact driving around in the Netherlands is in the top 10 list of most boring things to do, so after two years of being here I started playing with the idea of going back on track to actually enjoy riding a motorcycle.

This was a couple of months ago. After quickly discarding the possibility of using the Multistrada – even a minor fall would prove far too expensive – I decided to start looking around the classifieds for an older used sportsbike to buy during the winter period.

With a bigger budget my choice would have been a 2004 ZX636 – love that bike – but trying to stick to around 2000€ my choice was limited to older bikes.

Looked into a lot of bikes from R6s, GSXRs, R1s to CBRs (600 and 900), TRX850, SV650s but most of them were either too long in the tooth or too expensive.

The final shortlist was narrowed to a couple of Yamaha R6s and CBR929RRs and this is how I ended up the owner of a 2001 CBR929RR in a very flashy yellow color scheme. I shall look like the united Colours of Benetton on track with my black white and blue leathers and gloves, black&white boots and helmet on top of a yellow bike!

Buying the bike was an adventure in itself as I picked it up about 150km from here and brought it home on the back of a rented van. Keeping with the budget theme I decided to rent the smaller, cheaper van: a VW Caddy; only to end up discovering that a 01 CBR900RR does not fit on the back of a Caddy.

Good thing I had my toolkit: disassembling the rear was just about enough to make the bike shorter and allow the door to close.

So here you have Google, if someone (like me) Googles: “Can you transport a 2001 Honda CBR 900RR Fireblade on the back of a VW Caddy” the answer is: “Yes, but take your toolkit, you will need to remove both seats and the rear cowl before getting the bike diagonally in the cargo bay!”

The bike was cheap and looked pretty decent but I still have to srip it, remove the plastics and give it a good clean in search of nasty surprises (hopefully I won’t find many).
For now I’ve found a very annoying oil leak which probably comes from a bad repair of a crack in the lower part of the clutch casing. I am a bit pissed I didn’t find it before buying the bike but the fact is I don’t quite know how that happened as the bike doesn’t seem to have any other sign of having been crashed.

More news to follow soon!

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