Quick Update

Hi Guys

Things have been slow around here, busy with work and not a lot of bike related stuff going around in rainy Amsterdam.

This winter has been mostly about the occasional commute to work when I’m too lazy to take the bicycle and washing/cleaning/spraying the bikes with ACF50 to try and keep them safe from road salt corrosion.

We just had our first sunny weekend of the year so the Saturday was spent on a ride out with a friend who just bought his first bike (exciting stuff!) a very nice ’04 Yamaha FZ6S. We had a nice time, but this being the Netherlands the riding was nothing to write about. Don’t not even have decent photos…

Hopefully the next few weeks will have more interesting updates as I am probably going to sell the CBR929 (yes I know I just bought it…) and getting a different bike and if the weather gets better (it seems the rain is back for the coming 2 weeks) a few more ride outs.

In the meantime, have fun and ride safe.


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