First World Problems

So, I’ve sold the Fireblade, from all the bikes I’ve had this was the one I least liked and for a series of reasons that I’ll not go into right now I ended up owning it for only a couple of months before deciding to sell it.
I’m now faced with the decision of staying put or…buying another bike! (Did anyone mention first world problems?…indeed)

At the top of the list is one of the bikes I initially pondered on buying before getting the Fireblade: a “pointy” Suzuki SV650.


It’s sporty, light, agile and just about powerful enough (about 70hp) to be fun on track. The fact it’s easy to service and lacks fairings to get damage also helps. Only problem is they seem to hold their value well and so most are a bit above what I want to spend.
They are for sale for around 3000-4000€, with 2500€ being the cheapest I saw. Given that I will still need to throw some money at it for: tires, crash protectors, new oil, filters, etc. It’s not looking good..

The older carburetor equipped version of the SV650 is more within reach – financially speaking – but I really dislike the looks…
They are announced at around 1900€, with the cheapest ones coming at around 1250€, so I could probably get one and still have some money left for maintenance and tires.


Right next in the list is another 1000cc Honda but not a Fireblade. A VTR1000 Firestorm!
To be honest I hated it’s looks back in 1997 when it was launched, but what did 14 year old me know of bikes? I actually quite like it now, the soft curves and nice proportions mean it’s aged well.
They are also cheaper than the pointy SV, at around 1900-2800€ and have a bigger engine. On the flip-side they are also heavier and with suspension as basic as the SVs, the weight prove to be a handicap.
Yes the suspension can eventually be sorted but right now that is outside the budget.


On to the second to last option and the bike that was actually the strongest candidate a few months ago before I bought the Blade: the Yamaha R6.
Sporty engine, decent suspension (especially compared to the bikes above), good brakes and chassis and plenty of them for sale. The prices go from about 1900€ to 3000€ for the 1998-2003. The downside is many of them have probably been abused.


This leads me to the last bike on the list. The one I definitely don’t have a budget for but that would be the one I’d buy in a heart beat if I had the cash to spare: a 1st gen Triumph Daytona 675!
At bout 4800-5500€ it ticks just about every box…except for the essential one: price!

Daytona 675

Keep an eye on the blog, I should have some developments soon. I’m keen on getting back on the race track this summer, I just need to decide how!

Feel free to comment and subscribe. I’d love to hear your take on this.


2 thoughts on “First World Problems”

  1. What about a CBR600F? The F Sport version was pretty good by all accounts. Or an early CBR600RR?

    1. The CBR600F is a fine bike (that’s why they hold their value better than the R6s) but other than the price I find it a bit bland, for some reason never felt to attracted to it. Honestly the Hornet would be higher in my wishlist (also cheaper).
      The 600RR would definitely be on the list wasn’t it for the fact they are hard to get for under 3500-4000€.
      I am now contemplating the options. MAYBE I’ll hold off on buying another bike for this summer and just use what I have on track. We’ll see!

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