Does this mean I’m getting old?

I just booked a test ride on this:

Captura de ecrã 2016-04-1, às 22.25.59

I have always kind of dissed on the Harleys but the truth is I’ve never tried one. I think it’s time I get some time on one to be able to speak from experience, and if I’m going to do it, it’s going to te on the mothership: the Touring Ultra Limited!

However, because I’m affraid I’ll like it and start feeling like an old fart, I also booked a test ride on one of these:

Captura de ecrã 2016-04-1, às 22.30.43

But the one I REALLY REALLY want to get my hands on is this:

Captura de ecrã 2016-04-1, às 22.33.39

Haven’t been able to get a KTM test-ride yet, but I’m hoping for it.

And you, what were the last bikes you got to try or are looking to try? Shoot me a message in the comments.


2 thoughts on “Does this mean I’m getting old?”

  1. Is the price of that H-D correct? EUR33,600?? It’s similar to the one Martin Haskell rode in Spain last year for TRD, but that was a Road Glide Special which I’d have thought was more your thing (I know I’d like to try one as it doesn’t have so much bling and seems quite usable).

    I’m keen to hear what you think of the S1000XR too as it looks so much like your Multistrada that I think it can’t be much different to ride (although does it have the S1000RR’s engine?).

    1. Hi Stuart, yes that is the starting price for this model of HD! To be honest the only Harleys I kind of like are the V-Rod and Night-Rod but having never ridden a HD I opted to go for the full-on blinged up Harley experience.
      I’m also quite curious about the S1000XR, it has a lot of components from the S1000RR which I love and supposedly the comfort and practicality of a Adv Tourer. Don’t love the styling, it’s a bad copy of the Multistrada’s look (they even insist in using Red as the standard colour in every ad) but still quite keen on trying it.

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