Another Greasy Saturday – Oil Change on the Multistrada TimeLapse

Another greasy spring saturday getting the bikes fully prepped for the season. Yesterday was the Multi’s time to get new oil, filter and the chain cleaned and adjusted.

Made a small time-lapse with the Mobius Camera:

Pardon the crude editing but spent enough time working on the bike to waste the rest of the weekend on the laptop editing the recording… have to ride!


2 thoughts on “Another Greasy Saturday – Oil Change on the Multistrada TimeLapse”

  1. When you were doing the outside stuff (washing it?), did you get any interaction from people walking past? I imagine it might feel a bit weird being out in public like that.

    Might have to take some advice on this technique too as I’m also in an apartment and I might be back on some wheels by the end of the month. Not definite yet, but…

    [PS I don’t have the luxury of secure indoor parking – it must be a big bonus]

    1. Sure, I’ll give you a few tips. The garage is VERY handy to keep the bike safe and to work on it indoors but it is indeed a luxury that comes at quite a steep price.

      When I’m working on the bike outside like thisI mostly get ignored. Other than a couple of kids that like to look at the bike and the odd “Mooie Motor” (nice bike), I’m pretty much left on my own.
      I did have one neighbor coming over to chat but he knows me and was asking whether I have a battery charger I can lend him for his Vespa.

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