New Rubber Day – Pirelli Diablo Rosso II


With the 25th of April approaching and the prospect of finally getting back on track, today it was time to replace tires on the MTS.

I’m an absolute fan of the Michelin Pilot Road 4s (and 2s and 3s) but the set on my back as done about 13.000km and although the front is perfectly good, the back is quite squared off making the bike less agile.

If I were to just ride on the road I would probably have kept the rear for another 2.000km or so and then would replace it for another PR4. However because the plan is to ride on track a couple of times I opted to replace both tires for a slightly sportier option.

The initial idea was to get a set of Dunlop Sportsmart , I’ve used them on road and track on the SuperDuke and loved them: great grip, even in the we, decent mileage. However it seems this tire is no longer available having been superseded by the Sportsmart II. Probably a good tire as well but way to expensive for the purpose.

After looking around online for a while I was between the Michelin Pilot Sport Power 2CT and the Pirelli Diablo Rosso II / Diablo Corsa. In the end I went for the Diablo Rosso IIs as they were available at the right price and should provide better wet grip than the Corsas.

It’s my first experience with Pirellis (only road the MTS with the Scorpion Trails for a few hundred kms) and I shall let you know how it goes. For now all I know is they were available at a good price and look great on the bike.

Looking for more info on tyres? I found the articles on this Blog: Race Track Refugee, to be quite comprehensive and well written. Check it out!

Btw, top tip: Need to carry tires on your bike (or anything else for that matter)? Get a set of these:

2016-04-20 18.25.28

The Rok Straps might be pricey for a simple strap but they work so much better than regular adjustable straps it’s definitely worth the extra. After all they should last you a long time and the added convenience, safety and the time you save getting stuff on and off the bike are priceless!


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