Energica Eva – If this is what the future looks like, sign me up! 

I have probably  shared with you,  in the past, my internal struggle between being an Environmental Engineer: dedicating most of my professional career to the field of renewable energy and while being a Petrolhead in my spare hours. Riding, reading, writing inhaling and exhaling all things motorbikes! (and occasionally other forms of motorized transport)
So far my the mechanism I found for coping with this terrible and anovoidavle hypocrisy was to live by the moto:

– hey, oil is bad and scarce. It’s precious so we should only really burn it for very special reasons: like making amazing two wheeled vehicles move! Let’s not waste it for all our other energy needs, after all we have so many better ways of generating electricity and power.

And while this is true, it is also inevitable that sooner or later our beloved internal combustion engines will be a thing of the past, relegated to the back of the garage for the ocasional weekend blast, while the modern electric/hybrid/”insert_technological revolution _here” has a forefront place as the daily commuter.

This brings me to last weekend when I finally  got the chance to try an electric motorbike for the first time, the Energica Eva!

Make no mistake, we are talking Tesla not Prius. The Eva (and it’s RR inspired sibling) are full fledged electric sportsbikes with the power (and price tag) to match.

I honestly did not know what to expect from this bike but the shortest way I can explain what it was like is: it’s good!

Make no mistake this is no small feat! I’m lucky to have ridden dozens of different bikes and most of the times I come back thinking: It’s ok!

The fact I not only enjoyed but actually really liked a bike that is quintessentially different (some might even say wrong) from any other I have ridden before surprised even myself.

Is it perfect? Hell no!

  • It’s expensive, starting at 25.000€, and easily going above 30.000€ with the “essential” extras
  • Range is limited
  • Top-speed is limited to 200km/h
  • Looks are… debatable
  • It’s heavy and you can feel that at low speed.

But the fact  half of those faults can  be attributed to a lot of conventional bikes goes to show you how good it is.

It’s a bike, it’s electric, it’s fun and makes you grin and feeling like you’re in the middle of the Tron movie while you zoom away in a whirr of constant torque and future tech!

If this is what the early stage of mass produced electric bikes looks like, we are in good hands my friends. Things can only get better from here and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if in 15 years time kids are talking about petrol bikes in the same way I talk about smokey, noisy, annoying 2 strokes!

I urge you, if you have the chance try a Energica bike,  do it with an open mind and heart, I bet you won’t retreat it!
P.S- I have no affiliation with Energica, I tested their bike on a publicly available test-ride at a Dutch biking festival, it just so happenned that I loved it!


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