If you’re here reading this chances are we share a passion for motorcycles and/or traveling so I hope you enjoy reading the scattered pieces of information, photos, reviews, videos or sometimes (oftenly) just useless rambles I post here.

I’m a Portuguese biker, currently living in the Netherlands and enjoying the endless destinations available when you’re closer to Central Europe.

You can check my bikes (Past and Current) on their respective sections of the blog, as well as the gear I use, feel free to comment if you want a users point of view on any of it.

Before writing here on Multiple Roads Disorder I started another blog, ZZR 1400 Touring where I shared a lot of my previous trips. Because I no longer own the ZZR1400 that blog is in a state of suspended animation. You can go there for my trips to Picos de Europa, Scotland, the Pyrinees and the Alps as well as other ZZR1400 related stuff.

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2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi There! I’m glad I came across your site. I share your passion for travel, photography, and also for motorcycles… that being something new to me. I have only been riding since last September and it’s really my new obsession. I want to tour on my bike and document trips with a camera mounted on my helmet or bike, or both. I noticed that you use a Mobius camera for video. Can I ask you how you like it and would you recommend it? How do you mount it to your helmet? I have always wanted to see Norway and your video of that trip is very inspiring. Thank you for your time and consideration,



    PS- I live in Portland, Oregon, USA and my first ever and current bike is a 2013 Honda CBR500R. I bought it used shortly after I completed my beginners riding course and obtained my licence.

    1. Hi Jaya,

      Congratulations and welcome to the “biking world”!
      The CBR500R sounds like the perfect choice. Sporty yet easy to ride, practical and definitely good looking. I myself am not a big fan of Hondas, but by my own fault: It seems the crappiest second hand bikes I buy are always Hondas…
      I’ve owned a ’97 CBR1100XX and currently own a 01 CBR 929RR but will likely be selling it soon.

      As for the camera I do like the Mobius and at the time I found it the perfect choice but if I were to buy now there are new alternatives in the market that are even better. Of the top of my head I would advise you to consider the following:
      Git Pro2
      Git 1
      Dazzne P2
      Joovuu X (basically the evolution of the Mobius, developed by the European retailer Joovuu)

      I’ve added links to reviews of the cameras by Techmoan. The guy does really good reviews and convinced me to buy the Mobius in the first place. Check them out and see which one fits better fits your needs/budget.
      You can see in the video reviews that the cameras are usually attached to the helmet via a small bracket with 3M sticky tape, I personally use Gaffa tape so that I can remove the bracket after I come from a tour as I don’t ride around with a camera on a daily basis.

      In the meantime feel free to comment and subscribe, I’ll be happy to reply to any other questions you might have.
      The blog has been a bit slow on the last few weeks because I’ve been quite busy with other work, but I always try to reply to comments as quickly as I can.


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