Gear and Kit

Here is the riding gear, luggage and assorted stuff I use when riding and touring. I may do reviews of some of the kit at some time but for now, if you’re curious about any of it, thinking of buying and/or want another user’s opinion, just let me know in the comments!


My main helmet is a Nexx XR1R Carbon

Second helmet is a older HJC FG-14 Phoenix


I have a Spidi JK Tex as an everyday (spring/sumer) jacket

Spidi JK Tex

My touring jacket is a (quite used and needing replacement) Lidl Motorcycle Jacket. Absolutely brilliant for the price: waterproof, warm and comfortable even after thousands of kms! (It’s just not the prettiest jacket ever..)
Lidl Jacket

I also have an older leather jacket from a Portuguese brand (Casa das Peles)


Touring trousers from Spidi (Hurricane H2Out), not very warm and with limited protection but completely waterproof.
SPIDI Hurricane H2OUT

Everyday riding pants, the awesome BMW City 2! Comfortable, good looking and with great protective features. My favorite riding pants long before I bought them. Expensive and I’ve never had a BMW but just had to buy them, no biking gear brand makes such nice trousers.


A older stock 2-piece Dainese leather suit I bought at serious discount. Fairly comfortable (altough it still needs some more breaking in), good protection and great value. (Downside: no integrated back protector)



I have lots of pairs of gloves, some from obscure brands others from best well known manufacturers. Here are the most recent purchases.

Alpinestar Octane S-Moto summer gloves. Great looking, good protective features and comfortable after some much needed breaking in.

Alpinestar GP Pro. Older model of the top of the range Alpinestar glove, bought at a fraction of the original price. Still breaking them in, the goal is to use them as mostly track gloves. (thus the blue and white that matches the leather suit).

Alpinestar SP2 everyday, year round riding gloves. My favorite gloves at the moment. The rubber logo on the cuff came off after half a dozen rides but the rest of the glove is great!


I really want a set of white camo Alpinestar Supertech R, but they are pornographically expensive!
The boots I do have are Dainese Pannier D-WP they’re wonderful for everyday riding and touring, waterproof and comfortable. They are less than perfect for track riding (limited protection and no toe sliders).
Dainese Pannier Boots


I really like the Forcefield back protectors and will probably buy one sometime in the future, but for now I have a Dainese N-Frame 3 that I bought at the same time as the leathers because it was at a very good price. It’s the first back protector I’ve ever had and it’s so comfortable that I find myself wearing it a lot more often than I ever thought. I bought it to use on track but ended up using it for just about every ride other than short commutes.
It can be a bit hot in the summer, but in the winter it doubles as protection from crash and from cold.
Dainese N-Frame 3 Back Protector


Kriega R25 backpack. Best backpack ever! Ultra comfortable to ride on at ANY speed, spacious enough for weekend long rides, shopping, etc. Waterproof when new but it’s not anymore (to their defense Kriega does not claim it is waterproof. Only the R30 is waterproof). When there is the risk of rain I use a cheap roll up waterproof bag inside the backpack.

Kriega US20. The last piece of luggage I bought, it’s 100% waterproof, beautifully built and very versatile. Use it as tank bag or tail bag depending whether or not I’m riding with pillion.


As a take anything in just about any bike in any weather I have a cheap and sturdy Aldi canoeing roll-up bag. It takes 50L and it’s great for carrying just about every kind of junk you want to take on the back of the bike during longer tours. And it costs 10€!!

I also used to have a Bagster Rider tank bag and Givi T431 panniers but sold them together with the ZZR 1400.

Givi T431


To take all the *cough* wonderful *cough* photos you see on my blogs I use an advanced compact camera by Panasonic, the Lumix LX7. Absolutely great if only with limited Zoom.

For quick snaps I have an Iphone 4S
iPhone 4S

And doing the action video duties there is a Mobius Action Camera. Small, low cost and nice quality video.

And as carry around tripod one of this cheap chinese made flexible tripods


A very recent addition to my arsenal of riding kit is a GPS. I’ve always used maps and my phone or iPad’s GPS when I needed to get out of trouble but the Multi came with the Ducati Performance Garmin Nüvo 500 GPS, so now I have a dedicated unit.
It’s nice because it’s waterproof and I can also use it for cycling, but the unit itself is a bit slow and basic and I still prefer the good old maps. I find that whenever I go anywhere guided by the GPS I never know where I am and I don’t memorize the way. The navigation portion of my brain shuts off and I hate it. I do like the GPS for 3 things: finding my way AFTER I get lost, navigating city streets, following routes to find nice secondary roads (either for cycling or biking) here in the Netherlands.



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