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Greece – Spring 2016

I might as well start updating you guys on what else happened during this long hiatus. Nowhere better than the Spring of 2016 and our trip to Greece!

At the time I wrote a full feature article on The Rider’s Digest and at merely £0.50 for the whole PDF issue I strongly recommend you give it a try. Not the least because you’ll get also a bunch of other articles written by way more talented people than me!

Check out The Rider’s Digest Issue #193

For those less inclined to be bored with reading her’s the TL;DR version:

Went to Greece, rented a Honda CB500X, spent a week riding around the 2nd largest Greek island: Euboea/Evia, found a Tortoise, crossed a creek, got stuck on the beach, sunshine, rain, awesome fun!

Here are a few bonus photos that didn’t make it’s way to the article.

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