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And…we’re back!

Hi there everyone!

Is anyone still on that side of the line?




Hey, there you are!

The one lonely MultipleRoadDisorder reader that survived the months and months of boring emptiness and endless re-reading of mildly interesting old posts.
If you made it this long you’ll be thrilled to know I’m back. Sadly without the Multistrada that originated the creation of this blog.

In the nearly 11 months since my last post much has happened, some good, some bad but all of it leading to this update.

Let’s start by the end, because that makes more sense, obviously.

What am I riding now?

A 2006 Yamaha FZ1S and the trusty LML Star 125.

What happened to the CBR929?
Sold it a couple of months after buying it. Didn’t like it.

What happened to the Ducati?
I hadn’t ridden it much lately and decided on selling it and getting a Speed Triple 1050, one of my all time favourites. Perfect for a bit of weekend fun and the odd trackday.

So why didn’t I get the Triumph?
A couple of days before I closed the deal on a 2012 Speed Triple a duo of assholes broke into my building cut the 3 locks on the bike and stole my Multistrada!
Leaving me without bike or the money to buy the Triumph!

Yes, seriously.

What happened after?
Well, after I called the police, supplied them with the CCTV footage and cried silently for a bit. I went online, spent over 300€ on locks for a bike I no longer had, upgraded insurance policy on the LML and starting looking for a cheap replacement for the Ducati. Those lowlifes might have stolen my bike but I refuse to let them steal my lifestyle and passion!

Turns out I have even “awesomer” friends than I thought who, out of the blue, started a GoFundMe campaign to collect donations to help get me back on a bike.
You can check it out here: Ricardo’s Stolen Bike
The main target set was 2.000€, and although we are far from reaching it I was still widely amazed by the generosity of friends and anonymous people who parted with their hard earned money to help get a bit of my bike back. I am forever thankful to everyone who contributed and I hope I can one day repay all the love I got!

With the money from GoFundMe and a help from my GF I dove into the rabbit hole that is the classified adds websites.
With newer bikes out of the picture due to budget constraints, the shortlist was limited to Japanese bikes (no matter what some people try to tell you, old Euro bikes are not as reliable as Japanese… I’ve had both and as much as I prefer the character of a Euro bike, right now I just want something that a decade or more down the line, still works as well as it did when it first left the factory.)

This eliminated old Triumph Speed Triples, Sprint ST, Aprilia Tuonos or Futura and obviously Ducatis. Played around with the idea of a BMW K1200 but that only lasted a minute. (Anything below 4000€ had way too many kms and would become too expensive when something inevitably went wrong.)

Queue the Japanese brands:

GSXRs: Not my kind of bike…
Bandits: A great cheap and reliable option but with the exception of the 400 (impossible to find for sale here) it is just to plain and boring
GSXF’s: Come on, seriously! Have you looked at them?
TL1000s: Yeah… rotary rear damper…no!
SV1000s: Yes, love them! Bit above budget, but definitely on the shortlist.
SV650s: Yes, the sharper looking version, also love it. In the shortlist.

ZZR1400: Too expensive, I’ve had one already and way overpowered for Dutch roads.
ZZR1200: As above but cheaper and uglier.
ER6: Decent budget option and a great learner bike. Without wanting to sound snob but I feel like I’ve outgrown this kind of bike and the parallel twin is by far my least favourite engine configuration.
Z750: Decent bike but most of the ones I saw for sale looked tired. Then seem to attract a peculiar kind of owner.
Z1000: The old quadruple exhaust version was definitely close to the top of the shortlist.
Z1000SX: Too expensive
ZXRs: I do like the like the looks some of them but I know I would hate to live with one.

CBR1100XX: Cheap but like the ZZR1400, overpowered and heavy for Dutch roads and track and I’ve also already have owned one.
VTR1000Firestrom: At the top of the shortlist, had a look at a couple but being almost 20years old most required to much TLC (Tires, chain kits, etc) bringing up the apparently low initial acquisition cost.
CBR600F: Overinflated prices, bland looks.
Hornet600 and 900: looked into a couple as a serious option…one of my mates rides a 600, so decided to get something different.

The only major Japanese brand I’ve never owned so why not now?
FZ6: a decent option, one of my mates has one. I rather go for something different
R1: love the 2004-2006 swing arm, but RRs are not my thing
R6: too small and revvy for road use
FZ9: I love a triple engine but these are still too recent and expensive

FZ1: The lovely R1 swingarm and derive 1000cc, 150hp engine, semi-fairing, agile…. good value, found my bike!

I present you: The “insert name” 2006 Yamaha FZ1!

2017-04-10 17.03.45

The polls are open for naming my “new” bike, so if you have any suggestion, feel free to leave it in the comments below, and if you liked this update, like share and subscribe.



First World Problems

So, I’ve sold the Fireblade, from all the bikes I’ve had this was the one I least liked and for a series of reasons that I’ll not go into right now I ended up owning it for only a couple of months before deciding to sell it.
I’m now faced with the decision of staying put or…buying another bike! (Did anyone mention first world problems?…indeed)

At the top of the list is one of the bikes I initially pondered on buying before getting the Fireblade: a “pointy” Suzuki SV650.


It’s sporty, light, agile and just about powerful enough (about 70hp) to be fun on track. The fact it’s easy to service and lacks fairings to get damage also helps. Only problem is they seem to hold their value well and so most are a bit above what I want to spend.
They are for sale for around 3000-4000€, with 2500€ being the cheapest I saw. Given that I will still need to throw some money at it for: tires, crash protectors, new oil, filters, etc. It’s not looking good..

The older carburetor equipped version of the SV650 is more within reach – financially speaking – but I really dislike the looks…
They are announced at around 1900€, with the cheapest ones coming at around 1250€, so I could probably get one and still have some money left for maintenance and tires.


Right next in the list is another 1000cc Honda but not a Fireblade. A VTR1000 Firestorm!
To be honest I hated it’s looks back in 1997 when it was launched, but what did 14 year old me know of bikes? I actually quite like it now, the soft curves and nice proportions mean it’s aged well.
They are also cheaper than the pointy SV, at around 1900-2800€ and have a bigger engine. On the flip-side they are also heavier and with suspension as basic as the SVs, the weight prove to be a handicap.
Yes the suspension can eventually be sorted but right now that is outside the budget.


On to the second to last option and the bike that was actually the strongest candidate a few months ago before I bought the Blade: the Yamaha R6.
Sporty engine, decent suspension (especially compared to the bikes above), good brakes and chassis and plenty of them for sale. The prices go from about 1900€ to 3000€ for the 1998-2003. The downside is many of them have probably been abused.


This leads me to the last bike on the list. The one I definitely don’t have a budget for but that would be the one I’d buy in a heart beat if I had the cash to spare: a 1st gen Triumph Daytona 675!
At bout 4800-5500€ it ticks just about every box…except for the essential one: price!

Daytona 675

Keep an eye on the blog, I should have some developments soon. I’m keen on getting back on the race track this summer, I just need to decide how!

Feel free to comment and subscribe. I’d love to hear your take on this.