Throwback Thursday – Malta 2015

Just a back to basics Throwback Thursday with a gallery of a trip to Malta in the spring 2015. Good friends, great food a speedboat and a 125cc Scooter

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Via Dave Gurman : The Kickback Show – Stamford Bridge

Today’s suggestion of Bike Related Media, a fantastic gallery by Dave Gurman of The Kickback show in Stamford Bridge, 12/13th December 2015.

Click on the image below to open the Flickr gallery, it’s pure bike porn! Make sure to follow Dave’s Flickr for more great content.


I’m back from Asia – Instagram Photos Round Up

Hi Guys, been away for a while now.

The last couple of months have been busy, and I’ve just returned from an assignment halfway across the world. You’ll have to wait for Issue #192 of The Rider’s Digest to read about it. However I’m a nice guy so in case you haven’t seen them on Instagram yet, here as round of photos of the last few weeks as a sneak preview:

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Who would have thought the original 1000DS Multistrada could be made to look this good?

Shipped by the owner Paul Berry from London to the guys at Ad Hoc Cafe Racers in Spain. The 2004 1000DS Multistrada was stripped, painted and modded to exaustion with new tank, rear section, bars, headlight and just about everything else bar the motor and the wheels.

The result? A beautiful bike that looks just like a Playmobil bike scaled to real life size!

All photos by AD HOC Cafe Racers

#Throwback Thursday – Round tour of Spain 2010

And I’m back from the Middle Ages!

After one month with no internet access at home I am finally back online. To celebrate, here is a #ThrowbackThursday of our 2010 round trip of Spain. Two weeks, going trough Lisbon – Cuenca – Valencia – Barcelona – N260 along the Pyrenees – Bilbao – Salamanca – Lisbon in a little over one week.

The Northward Route – Photos and Trailer (The Rider’s Digest)

The newest edition of The Rider’s Digest has been released and in it the article I wrote: “The Northward Route”. If you’re looking for some more media content on that trip you’ve come to the right place!

If you haven’t read the magazine, then go and get it (free) at The Rider’s Digest: HERE

Here is the trailer for the upcoming video and a gallery of some of the photos that didn’t made it to final cut on the magazine.

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Looking for an alternative offroader from Ducati?

Following last Sunday’s post with Multistradas going offroad – what if you want a Ducati to take offroad but the Multi isn’t really your thing?

Well, there are a couple of alternatives:

The Panigale Terra Corsa by MotoCorsa – the coolest looking superbike since Dave Mackay’s KTM RC8

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The 999 Beach Racer built by a New Zealand Ducati Dealer from a 2003 999:

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The Terra Mostro by Overland Motorcycles based on a Ducati Monster with XR650 front suspension, shortened swing-arm and a few extra mods.

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or the Dutch versions:

By Affeto Ducati

or home made

The HyperIce by Ducati Indianapolis

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Just your average ride on a Hypermotard SP!

Or on bog standard Panigale: Coast to Coast with an Italian Super Model

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Multistradas Offroad

[Updated on 17-11-2014] with some extra photos

Bored on this rainy Sunday? I am!

Want something to spend your time? Here is a selection of wonderfully inappropriate looking Multistradas taking to the dirt.