2011 Vs 2014 Ducati Multistrada 1200S

The only good thing about having to replace the fork seals on my MTS is that I got to ride a “new” bike: a 2014 Multistrada 1200S in “very boring silver”.


There was also some eye candy at the dealership, like this two gorgeous Panigales and the new Diavel

As for the Test-Ride, to be honest the weather was absolutely terrible that day and I didn’t really do much riding other than from the dealer to my place and back to the dealer to pick up my bike later in the day. It was however enough to spot a few of the small updates the newer bikes have.

First of all, the motor: the new twin spark engine is indeed a lot better at low rpms, the 2014 is so much better around town than mine that if that was something I did everyday – why one would use a MTS for daily riding around town is something that I don’t know – it would definitely be worth considering the later model. It’s not perfect but it is a lot more refined an less jerky than mine.
The rear brake is also a lot better, which is to say that it brakes, something the original MTS didn’t do!

As for the rest:
– didn’t like the Sachs Skyhook suspension very much, seemed less compliant and with a slightly harsher behavior than the Ohlins. You wouldn’t notice it riding it in isolation but coming from one to the other it seemed different. But again it was a very short ride at slow speed around town.
– The software has been updated and now when it displays the mode you are in immediately shows also the Power, ABS and TC settings included in that mode. On mine you only see the mode, to see what settings have been defined in that mode (because you can change them from default, my bike for example is always at 150hp) you have to go in the menus. Not a major difference but I liked the new one.
– The new seat has a different cover and looks great!
– The Ducati logos are 3D and glued to the fairing instead of just being painted over. They look great,
– The screen is different and is adjustable with one hand, on the move. (didn’t really felt much need for this mod, but the new system is clever).
– The On/Off switch is different and in a very weird colour.
– The wheels are different too.
– The little storage compartment on the front fairing opens the other way around and has a slightly diferent shape…it’s still mostly useless though.

And I think that’s it! Not massive changes or anything really interesting but thought it would be (half)interesting to mention this little changes I noticed.


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